Neuromorphic Computing

Welcome to the future! The future of computing.

Ever imagined how our brain works? It’s a simple, yet complex, machine that does not solve mathematical problems as fast as the latest microprocessors but is amazingly good at self-learning and decision-making. Isn’t it then obvious to try mimicking the brain when we think of machine learning and artificial intelligence? Who needs millions of lines of coding while you can make it deceptively simple with a simple circuit – neurons!

Buckle up and embark with us on the fascinating journey into the world of Neuromorphic Computing.

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A recent article in IEEE Signal Processing magazine highlights Sayani’s work together with a work from MIT as the future of IoT devices.

A press release from Aalto University related to one of Sayani’s scientific publication and research topic.

Sayani’s latest article on Neuromorphic Computing is now published in Advanced Electronic Materials. You can read the article here.