About Us


Sayani Majumdar, Ph.D is an Associate Professor at Tampere University in Finland. Her focus of research is memory technologies, spintronics, nanoelectronics sensors and devices for the trillion sensor era. Her research has been funded by the likes of European Union, Academy of Finland, Kone Foundation, Wihuri Foundation, SITRA and Turku Collegium for Science and Medicine.

Sayani’s research credentials can be found from her webpage.

Sayani is the reason NeuroComp started it’s ambitious journey. The goal is to provide a fast-track creation of neuromorphic circuits based on fundamental research and establish it as a strong contender for the computing solution in the AI and trillion sensor era.


Himadri Majumdar, Ph.D is a self-proclaimed tech junkie. He had his own share of experience with research on topics like printed organic and inroganic electronics and previous experience as Lead of quantum programs at VTT. He currently leads SemiQon, a VTT spin-off on quantum computing hardware. He collaborates with Sayani in science and life. His current day job is to make companies aware of latest technologies and help them assimilate it in their products.

You can find details of Himadri’s research and technology sales profile in Linkedin.

He is the business mind behind NeuroComp and wants to see it grow to its full potential.